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Register Your POPIA Officer Within 3 Weeks

Last week the Information Regulator published the Guidelines for Information Officers and Deputy Information Officers, including instructions on how to register your business’ Information Officer with the Information Regulator. Registration can take place from 1 May 2021 onwards.

The Guidance Note also provides more details regarding the responsibilities and liabilities (including possible criminal liability) of the Information Officer and who may fulfil this position. Notably, for non-government entities, the Information Officer must be an employee of the entity at an executive level or equivalent position at management level.

Many businesses are still postponing the inevitable need to obtain assistance with their implementation of the Protection of Personal Information Act (‘POPIA’). With the 1 July 2021 compliance date nearing, now is a very good time to be chipping away at your business’ POPIA plans, including to nominate and register your Information Officer and to investigate whether you may appoint deputies or third parties to assist, amongst other things.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing a series of publications that will aim to address complying with POPIA, as well as demystify some misconceptions.

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