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COVID-19: Kaplans Operations Update

Dear Valued Client,

During the period of our beloved country’s lock-down, we will do everything we can to continue looking after you.

We have been anticipating a lock-down scenario for a few weeks now and have geared our business to operate remotely.  All our professionals and key staff are able to work, almost seamlessly, from home with full access to our server.  This means that our team will remain connected, albeit electronically, during the lock-down period with each professional having full access to the matters and files in their care. 

Please note the following contact details for our professional staff:

Dave Nezar (Partner – Property and Commercial Law)


Skype: live:dave_16022

Grant Howard (Partner - Commercial Law and Estates)


Skype: live:grant_3263

Lizette Ferns (Partner - Family Law)


Skype: live:.cid.1d1533e7b0fa89f4

Peter Wiehahn (Partner - Conveyancing)


Skype: wiehahnpeter

Samantha Craddock (Partner - Conveyancing)


Skype: live:.cid.2d1afe8797ce1a2d

Chris Unwin (Partner - Labour Law)


Skype: live:.cid.80600be298ca9198

Terri-Ann Radloff (Partner - General Litigation)


Skype: terri-annsa85

Unathi Msenge (Attorney - Labour Law)


Kelsey Smailes (Attorney - Labour Law)


Skype: live:kelseysmailes

Shandré Maasdorp (Attorney - Family Law)


Seetal Mitha (Attorney - General Litigation)


We share your deep concerns regarding the current circumstances and we understand the great strain this pandemic is placing on businesses and individuals alike.  Our ability to continue providing a service to our clients is important and we will do all we can to look after your needs and guide you wherever possible. Let’s navigate our way through this crisis together. 

Please feel free to contact any one of our professionals on their cellular telephones.  If you would prefer a face-to-face consultation, we can attend to this via Skype.  All you need do is send the relevant professional an email and he/she will set up a meeting time at your convenience.

We urge you to do all you can to keep yourselves and your families safe and healthy.

As always, the interests of our Kaplans family, which includes you as our valued client, is our top priority.  This season will pass, as all seasons do, and we will still be here standing shoulder to shoulder with you when it does.


The Kaplan Blumberg Team

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