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Your Child and Video Games

Children under 10 should never play any video game without adult supervision.

The Film and Publication Board has issued an amended version of the 40-page set of guidelines for the classification committees that have the power to ban movies and games in South Africa. The amended version broadens the scope of some of the "classifiable elements" that go into deciding if a movie or game is rated PG (for "parental guidance") or X18.

The definition of what constitutes “domestic violence” has also been broadened to include economic abuse, intimidation, damage to property, and entry into the victim's residence without consent if there is a chance of imminent harm. At the same time, the concept of a domestic relationship has been widened to effectively include “one-night stands”.

"Children are not allowed to play a game classified ‘PG' [the lowest level of classification available] unless and only when supervised by an adult", because even such games may have elements "disturbing or harmful for children".

These updated rules came into effect in August 2022.

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