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The Value of Your Old Identity Document

The Identification Act 68 of 1997 (“the Act”) has very specific provisions that apply should you come into (re)possession of a lost or stolen identity document (or identity card).

You would have had to replace your lost/stolen identity document or card meaning that you would then be in possession of two forms of identification.

The Act provides, in essence, that you may not be in possession of both. Thus, if the earlier identity document was located and returned to you or if you found it hidden away in the back of a cupboard, you must hand it to the Director General of the Department of Home Affairs for cancellation. Failure to adhere to this requirement renders you guilty of an offense.

This explains why third parties will not accept an old identity document as valid proof of your identity. The last identity document/card issued to you must always be used.

It is important to note that in any conveyancing-related transaction, your newest and current form of identity document must always be presented when called for by the conveyancer since old identification documents can delay a transaction.

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