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NEWSFLASH Amendment to Deeds Registries Act: lost title deeds and mortgage bonds

Please note the amendment to Regulation 68(1) and 68(11) of the Deeds Registries Act:

From 25 February 2019 onwards, if you have lost your title deed and want to apply to replace it, the application must be published in the Government Gazette. It then has to lie for inspection at the Deeds Registry for two weeks allowing any interested party to object to the issue of the replacement deed. If, after two weeks, no objection has been lodged, the issuing and registration of the replacement deed may take place.

Therefore, if you are considering selling a property or have received a mandate to market a property, we recommend that early in the process you ensure that the original title deed is readily available, as these amendments may well cause delays in the registration of transfers. Similar steps must be followed if a mortgage bond has been lost.

For assistance, contact our Conveyancers for advice.

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