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Maintenance Applications

Our Family Law Department can assist parents with completing the following maintenance applications:

  • Preparation and completion of the necessary documents for an application to enforce an existing maintenance order, including a divorce order.

  • Preparation and completion of all necessary documents in order to bring an application for the variation or discharge of an existing maintenance order, in the event that a party is no longer able to afford their maintenance contributions, or where the maintenance that is received is insufficient.

  • Preparation and completion of the necessary documents to apply for a maintenance order in respect of dependent children, where there is no existing maintenance order in place.

Over and above the aforegoing, we provide clients with advice on which court the completed application must be submitted to, as well as an explanation of what to expect before, during, and after the matter will be heard in court.

Should you or someone you know need assistance with any of the above maintenance matters, contact us on 041 363 6044 or

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